Is volunteerism dead in sports?

Is volunteerism in sports dead in this country?

Must all be paid for services rendered?

Have we  become so obsessed with money that  we

forget the fundamentals of being involved in sports?

No we are not going to talk about the rewards that have been showered upon Athletes that won medals at the recent Olympics and Paralympics.

They deserve what they got as that is what was promised to them.

Whether paying pension to those still active is debatable, we shall leave it at that.

It came as a shock to learn that the 2017 Sea Games Chef De Mission draws a monthly allowance from the National Sports Council.

This is unprecedented and can we expect the same for all Chef De Missions of future multi sports events?

Preparation of Athletes is no longer a priority as one sport not only does not have a training centre but were only offered RM1,500 per month to get one whereas Athletes of another sport receive RM2,000 as training allowance!

Then there is the case of the Board Members of a certain body collecting a monthly allowance.

In actual fact that should only receive meeting allowances and not a monthly allowance.

This was pointed out in an audit report and has now been corrected but some not too happy with it.

But will they return the money that was wrongly paid out?

Then we have the composition of the Boards of two bodies.

It should really comprise of those with no vested interest in these two bodies so as not to influence policy decisions that favour their Athletes.

But this is not the case and we will leave it to the powers that be to continue mess up our sports.

After all they are considered as gods gift to our sports so who are we mere mortals to raise anything on cronyism and nepotism !