Is Walsh leaving?

Is Malaysian Hockey Technical Director Terry Walsh leaving?

There have been many speculations, whiskers and talk with regards to the future of the Australian since the national body hired Dutchman Roelant Oltmans as the national coach.

A source within the Hockey fraternity said that Walsh had already made arrangements to return to Australia by the end of February.

He is said to be currently in Australia and is expected to return to Malaysia next week.

He was first hired as national coach in 1991 and left in 1993.

However after serving in Holland, USA and India, Walsh took up the challenge to reinvent Malaysian Hockey in 2015.

Another source from within the NSC said that financial constraints could be the reason for Walsh departure.

The NSC is on a cost cutting drive and could not possibly bear the cost of paying for two foreign experts.

There has been utter silence on this subject officially and a press conference could soon be held to clear the air.

And it could be possible that Walsh is retained in a consultant basis rather then being a full time Technical Director.

It is also said that former national coach Tai Beng Hai will assume the role of Technical Director while doubling up as coach for the national indoor team preparing for the Manila SEA Games

And Yahya Atan is said to be in line to coach the national women indoor team for the same tournament.

However it is pertinent to note that Beng Hai was to chart a new development program to replace the 1Mas Program that ended in June.

It was then announced by the Deputy President that a new development program, better then 1Mas , will be drawn up by Beng Hai and launched within a month.

But that has yet to appear despite it being the second month of a new year!