ISAM, why no appeal Sports Commissioner?

Many in the sports world are unaware that the Sports Commissioners Office had lost a High Court Case filed by the Ice Skating Association of Malaysia ( ISAM) that challenged to revocation of their existence and registration.

This matter had been going on since after the 2017 SEA Games and is not the first time that the authority of the Sports Commissioner under the 1997 Sports Development Act that they were challenged in the court of law.

The High Court Judge in his judgment made it crustal clear for the SCO to reinstate ISAM into its original role and a letter was subsequently drspatched to the International Federation of Ice skating complying with the directive of the high court, well and good one might say.

But why no appeal against the decision?

In the first place when the matter was contested in court, just how sound was the argument put forward by the SCO?

We’re the grounds solid enough to deny ISAM their rights in the first place?

And who made the decision not to appeal?

Incompetence cannot and should not be looked with the concept of close one eye.

An inquiry ought to be initiated and the SDA be studied to prevent such instances from re-currying

The SDA cannot and ought not be used as a tool or instrument to take such actions against NSA’s that those in NSC fail to rein into their way of running sports.

This decision is difficult for OCM as they also removed ISAM from their membership and admitted another organisation but now will be forced to rescind that decision.

And trust me, floodgates will open to challenge future decisions of SCO unless this matter is studied and weakness in the SDA rectified.

The ousted Sports Commissioner Wirdati was trying to do the right thing I was told but the all powerful ( said to be more powerful then the Sports Minister) made sure she was removed.

Oh well sports in this country has its fair share of virus, one named Comot 15, and no virus has been found yet.

So who cares about sports when it’s at the bottom of the government initiated recovery list, slated for September.

Let’s go back into hibernation