It’s your choice FAM affiliates to endorse Hamidin

A week after the proposal by Tunku Mahkota Johor on Who his successor ought to be, and there is suddenly a host of articles regarding the transition of FAM.

From TV talk shows to front and back pages of the main stream media, countless comments on social media, there are just many who want to have their say, or rather their moment of glory.

But before anyone tries to jump on the bandwagon or derail it, they must understand that in the end it is the affiliates of FAM that decide who leads them.

Not any blogger, sports analyst or expert, glamorous TV personalities, award winning journalists and those who wrote daily on sports, nope you guys have no vote whatsoever.

It is the affiliates of FAM that will have to decide who captains the ship, be it in clan waters or storms.

Dato Hamidin Amin is the President “ elect” as TMJ made it very clear that he will support FAM financially and who are we to question his choice.

Yes the affiliates of FAM can defy his decree and bring in any candidate, as suggested by one paper which proposed Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes to take over the reins of FAM.

One question that begs to be asked and answered – where weee these two gentlemen barely 15 months ago when FAM was in dire need of a leader?

Yes they are doing well in the English League, but as owners and not as Administrators of the clubs that decide the day to day running of the clubs.

There is a Board of Directors in the Clubs and they are rubbed professionally , period.

These two gentlemen will of course be of great help to Malaysian Football and ought to be given honorary positions as they have clearly stated in the past that they do not the most important commodity required to help FAM , which is time.

Now Hamidin himself is aware that he is not a certainty to assume the President’s position despite endorsement by TMJ.

The FAM Exco on Monday will first have to decide to accept or reject the resignation ofTMJ, and they are likely to accept, though with reluctance.

The next FAM Congress is set for July 14, meaning the nominations for any vacant positions will close by May 13, being two months before the Congress as stipulated in the FAM Statutes.

The Exco will also decide as to which one of the two deputy presidents will assume the role of Acting President.

Both the Deputy President’s enjoy strong support from the affiliates and one cannot discount the possibility of either mounting a challenge to Hamidin.

So it will be good if the two deputies will make their stand public after the Exco meeting if they are supportive of Hamidin.

Next comes the issue of Hamidin’s proposed candidacy as the Deputy President of Football Association of Malaysia.

Some quester feel and reported that Hamidin should not vie for the OCM position given the fact he will assume the FAM Presidency.

A point to note – the OCM elections are in early May while the FAM closing of nomination is May 13.

Firstly athlete is no conflict of interest and the past has shown that an individual can hold positions in both bodies and do a good job as evident with the late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah who was FAM and OCM President.

And talking about holding many key positions , why is the same yardstick not being used to judge BAM President Dato Norza Zakaria who wants to be OCM President or the likes of Pesaka Secretary Dato Megat Zulkarnain and ISN Board Chairman Dato Azim Zabidi , both who are also said to be vying for OCM Deputy Position.

What about all those who hold more then one position in a national body who are either in OCM or want to stand for positions.

Is there any written rule or by convention any practice that those who win positions in OCM are required to vacate their positions at OCM,

And talking about Football itself, will all the current members of the FAM Exco quit their state positions so as to prove that they practice what they preach if they oppose to Hamidin vying for a position in OCM.

Hamidin is quite capable of making the right decision without all these sideline antics of coaches in the Terrance’s.

He is a proven administrator, a capable leader, an able problem solver, a person who had PR skills that would put any politician to shame,

Not only did TMJ endorse him but even Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin paid tribute to Hamidin’s astute administrative capabilities.

And if the FAM affiliates truly know to differentiate a pretender from a worker, then they ought to complete the nomination forms within days after it is released and only one name should be there … Hamidin.

And there is no need to wait till May 13 to sd use but let’s get on with the business of putting Malaysian Football on track.