It’s your fault Midin – on Ref Chairman quitting

That is what can be summed up from the shocking resignation of FAM Exco Member Subkhiddin Salleh from FAM in both positions, as member of the elected executive committee and Chairman of the Referees Committee.

The former international referee cane under severe criticism both from internal and netizens as well as certain quarters of the media following what was perceived as poor performance by the man in black for the Malaysia Cup Final.

This became the flavour of the day with certain quarters even making racial remarks and casting aspersions on the choice made by Subkhiddin for the final.

But not once did Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin step forward to defuse the situation or defend Subkhiddin in any platform.

In a “ war” it is the general that leads from the front and takes the bullet for his men.

However in this case Subkhiddin was left to fend for himself as he took blow after blow , questioning his professional ability.

What Hamidin ought to have done was to issue a statement to the effect that FAM was looking into the matter but there were due processes to take place and that he was awaiting a report from the Referees Committee.

That alone could have helped defray the heat on this illustrious individual who could then process to handle matters in line with due process.

However that was not the case and Subkhiddin was left to defend himself and try his best to justify the selection of that match official.

Even now, after formal resignation letter was submitted, FAM through its General Secretary Stuart Ramalingam was quoted as saying that the resignation was not yet accepted but would be discussed in the Exco Meeting in the end of November.

Hold on here, is this history repeating itself?

Two previous high profile resignations – by HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and HRH Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim , both as President of FAM was left hanging , with the former for almost two years by FAM.

The choice of resigning is the onus of the individuals and not for the Exco to determine.

And by the way where were the Exco when Subkhiddin was put to the sword?

So the best thing to do is to accept the decision made by Subkhiddin , and stop trying to do damage control , and not blame solely netizens as Stuart puts it for even he knows why this principled man quit, only he dare not say it.