Fickle minded is best to describe FAM as they agreed with the Ministers request on the national players to train fulltime and forgo the Malaysian Super League.

And I have opted to use a picture of a jellyfish to illustrate that FAM has no backbone for merely 24 hours earlier, as reported by most major mainstream media, the idea by the Sports Minister was shot down.

And this morning, in the interest of saving grace for the Minister, FAM officials backtracked…..

The Minister will go to London and talk to clubs to take in Maaysian players to train at their academies, ha ha ha, instead of ho, ho,ho as Christmas is over Sir.

Imagine the clubs will open their doors just because the Minister will be in London on our money (tax payers) and tell the clubs – look we have a team that won gold after 20 years, and since we the government of Malaysia know sports better, please open your doors to our players.

I will leave it to other bloggers and the mainstream media to remind the Minister on the failures of players that tried to train in foreign countries, the most recent being Titus James Palani who never returned to don national colours.

While its true that two wrongs do not make a right Mr. Minister, it is also wrong to build castles in air.

Since you are in London, do drop into Holland and sort out the hockey team coach appointment as well and talk to clubs in Germany, England, Spain and Holland to take in some of our hockey players as well. And for therecord hockey has done far better then football internationally though the administration is on par with FAM.

To the State FA’s, the time has come to tell the administration that they cannot act against the interests of the RAKYAT.

It’s time some people retire……

Read the Bernama take on the proposal by the Minister that was agreed upon by the FAM bigwigs over a cup of coffee. Told you that the FAM President has no powers since it took FAM a week to pay out the cash rewards for the gold when HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah said that it will be done by Monday, December 28, oh wait it took FAM administrators a whole year to figure out how much and who deserved to be paid, please declare if the Deputy President too collected the reward, while he was giving out, was he also receiving?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports plan to send the national Under-23 football team that won the gold medal in the Laos SEA Games, for overseas training stints, in the future.

Its minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said he would discuss the prospect with clubs in England during his visit next week.

“If the discussions with the clubs are successful, it will provide local players a very good opportunity to enhance their skills,” he told reporters after discussing the matter with Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Datuk Seri Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad here on Monday.

Ahmad Shabery said African countries had used a similar approach and placed their players in clubs from countries like France and England right from the academy level.

“The result has been good and when the time comes, they are called back to beef up their national team,” he said.

Ahmad Shabery said discussions would also be held with teams that involve their players, to avoid any problems when they are identified for such stints.

“I feel the future of the national Under-23 players should not be sacrificed for the sake of representing their states or clubs. We are also ready to help FAM financially because it seems the main obstacle when carrying out such programmes,” he said.

However, for the time being the U-23 players can represent their respective teams in the M-League when the new season starts on Saturday.

Ahmad Shabery had earlier suggested that the U-23 squad that ended a 20-year wait to win a gold from football in the SEA Games, be retained for centralised training instead of returning to their respective teams.

The proposal was however, shot down by FAM, claiming it was too late because most of the players had already signed up for their respective teams to play in the M-League which starts on Saturday.