Kenneth Jonassen faces an arduous task in the second round of the World Championships in Paris.
Though he has quit playing competitively, Jonassen will have to plot the downfall of his once protégé, Jan O Jorgensen who will take on England’s Rajiv Ouseph.
Jonassen assumed the position of Head Coach of the English BA early this month and his allegiance will be put to test in the second round match.
“When I left Denmark for England, the people understood why I had to do it. Really it was because I needed a new challenge in life,” said Jonassen who won the European Championships in 2008.
“But if Rajiv gets the better of Jorgensen, then I fear that my countrymen will have a change of heart about me.”
Jonassen who believes that the English players have talent will be out to introduce a new sense of commitment amongst his “new” players.
“We must understand that it is different in England and Denmark. My first task is to understand the English system and come up with a plan that is acceptable to the players<’ contends Jonassen.
“It is not proper to just shift what we did in Denmark and have the English players adapt to it. What I need to do is develop something that will e conducive to England and bring the desired results.”
The Dane has set himself a modest target initially, that is to have his charges defeat the second ranked players of other countries on a more consistent basis. That Jonassen believes will provide his players with the desire and confidence they need to excel into world-class players.
When asked if he was targeting any gold medals from his players in the upcoming Commonwealth Games, Jonassen said:
“Two months is a short period of time to deliver gold but I am optimistic given time the singles players will be able to deliver at the international arena.”