KBS ought to set conditions for candidates

The time has come for the Youth and Sports Ministry to invoke a regulation for candidates seeking to vie for positions in international sports bodies, be it Asean, Asia or World.

This is necessary in the aftermath of the results of the Asian Sepak Takraw Federation on March 1 which brought a negative outcome with none of the Malaysian candidates making much headway let alone impact.

Perhaps the newly formed Council of Experts could be entrusted to look into the candidacy of whoever wishes to contest.

What happened in the Astaf AGM was not only embarrassing but downright uncalled for.

Rather then seek support of the OCM, the President of Sepak Takraw Association Malaysia went on a rampage against OCM, making a mountain out of a mole hill of a not defused issue.

Now that OCM has made a clarification to the regulation pertaining to the selection of athletes, it is hoped that when the association the Selection Committee, between 15-19 Match, they will present their arguments with facts and figures and be man enough to apologise for being pre-judge mental.

And that goes to all national sports associations.

They are given a chance to present their cases, be objective, come well prepared and above all justify why your athletes should travel to Vietnam, be it on the A or B category.

The day of free rides is over and over although the post mortem report of the 2019 Manila SRA Games was never made public, everyone I’d aware of the effort put in by NSC to blame the NSA’s.

But wan’t all the NSA’s accompanied by officers of the NSC when facing the Selection Committee?

And the data plus statistics provided all compiled by NSC?

So why lump the blame on the NSA’s alone?

It is hoped that the entry to the Selection Committee is limited to the 5 members plus the chef de mission who is named tomorrow.

And only OCM staff ought to be present to provide secretarial support,

Enough of this tiger stripe entourage that we often see when a convict is led to the courts to be charged.

OCM is formed by affiliates and they hold the key as to who sits in the Executive Board.

Give these individuals the due respect and chide them when necessary.

But at the same time do not threaten them with remarks that’s it’s election year, by the way it’s September 4,

If one feels he/she is capable then offer yourself as a candidate please, but do not end up losing your deposit.

Running OCM is far more complex then one thinks as cartels such as the ASAM group was formed just after the last elections.

Like athletes, leaders were never born but moulded.

Talk is cheap and free, so stop this charade and be more professional.

If you cannot run your national body, then why contest for an international body.