That was the keyword in the story carried by Utusan Malaysia quoting Dato Misbun Sidek as to why he would not return to the Badminton Association Malaysia.

The para in the story is repeated here below:

“Perkara ini (permintaan Chong Wei) sebenarnya tidaklah susah sangat, tetapi hendak membersihkan ‘keladak’ itu yang susah. Ketika saya hendak keluar dulu, ada keladak yang kena dicuci, kemudian ia bersih dan perlu dicuci semula.

Now the little I know of Bahasa and from what I gathered after asking other journalists, “keladak” literally means algae or residue.

And if one were to read the quote, then it is clear that Misbun was hinting at some personalities within BAM that are hanging on to their positions and creating a divide in Malaysian badminton.

Now I was privileged to sit with Misbun for well over two hours, some three months before he quit BAM and I feel it is time that the details of those conversations be made public.

Trust me when I say that some officials in BAM will not sleep easy as they have portrayed that they are saving badminton but in reality are taking it to another notch, below.

What have you delivered in the past two years in charge, well you cannot even get the media to carry players wearing Maybank logos on the shirts in the print media.

Or is it done to please the master?