KJ for MNCF, OCM? Get your answers here

Ever since former Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced his return to calls, I have received many phone call from friends, journalists and those in sports per say.

And all had only one question to ask.

Is KJ using the platform as President of NS Cycling Association to mount a challenge the Malaysian National Cycling Federation number one post?

Some even suggested that Khairy could well seek the OCM Presidency!

Not far fetched speculations if you want a honest answer from me, who other then being a friend and former employee has no attachments to the tall, dark handsome politician as he is often portrayed as.

On the case of using this as a platform for OCM, KJ fulfilled the criteria since 2907 when he was the FAM President.’

I can safely say that KJ had abs neither has any eye on the OCM Presidency.

It’s because Khairy is a friend to Tam Sri Norza Zakaria and he never betray friends.

We have had this conversation before and KJ flatly denied any such intentions.

Now on MNCF it is a question of there being a vacancy in the first place.

Uncle Dato Abu Samah whom I have known since 1987 knows when to step down and who to endorse to succeed him .

I did speak to Dato Abu Samah after his sordid episode of being detained.

At his Semabok house house he looked cheerful and upbeat, looking forward to a great showing from Cycling at Tokyo next year.

KJ would want to prove his worth in NS first and he will surely drive changes that will make those in MNCF air up and take notice

He is all about deliverables and let others ponder his future plans for he knows best.