Khairy Jamaluddin has been a busy man since Malaysia was given the hosting rights to the SEA Games.

And his work intensified to unimaginable levels beginning 10 days ago.

The Rembau MP is not only the Youth and Sports Minister. He is chairman of the Malaysia Organising Committee (Masoc) and is part of the national polo team competing in the biennial event.

Playing minister, administrator and athlete — the first such role seen in the regional Games — he has been juggling between his official responsibilities and his commitment as a sportsman.

And his batteries have yet to drain out. 

Pumped up by the fine performances of our national athletes thus far, Khairy is eager to ensure this Games will leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of many.

He has not denied the several issues that have cropped up throughout the running of the multi-sports competition and has personally attended to them. 

The die-hard football fan even got a special mention by SEA Games Federation chairman Tunku Imran Ja’afar during the opening ceremony last Saturday. Tunku Imran is also Olympic Council of Malaysia president.

Khairy is eager to spur the national polo team to winning their event, contributing to the nation’s 111 gold medal target en route to becoming the overall champion.

A good showing and a gold medal around his neck would be the best way to end the Games. 

But more importantly, Khairy and his trustworthy lieutenants are eager to see Team Malaysia perform well – and that we have a joyous celebration ahead of Merdeka.