Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin lambasted the Badminton Association of Malaysia as not doing enough to uplift the standard of badminton in the country.
And he also questioned the BAM President Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tg Arif  as to why he was taking over all the committees when the load should be shared amongst the Council.
Not mincing his words Khairy said that he was disappointed with the overall performances of the players in the Malaysian Open but felt that BAM needed to do more for the players.
“Rightfully we should do better but we are not and I am really concerned about the present scenario,” said Khairy to journalist at the sidelines of the tournament.
“In the past we used to send more players for international exposure yet the new committee has sought to cut down on this aspect.
“Then there is also an issue of overdependence on the Bukit Jalail Sports School for development when rightfully BAM should embark on a nationwide plan that can produce players.
“It looks like they are contend with depending on Lee Chong Wei, and he is ageing. Do not take it the wrong way as Chong Wei is my friend, but how long can we continue to rely on him alone for success.”
Khairy said that Mahaleel had met him a couple of months ago and spoke about new plans and changes to be made in BAM.
“It has not materialised and I want BAM to come see me with what their plans are and how to ensure badminton recovers from its slide,” added Khairy.
“For example, they talk about an academy, but now I ask them in return, why is the academy not running yet? There is no need to wait if it’s a good plan, just do it.
“On domestic competitions I feel that not enough is being done to provide players with a competetive platform to excel hence we cannot get quality players.”
The Minister said that he was not peeved with Mahaleel not being around during his visit.
“I was to come earlier but had to reschedule so I am an hour late. I really do not care for protocol. I needed to address the issue and have done it, and that matters.”
Khairy said that he expects BAM to revert to him with a proper solution to overcome the issues and is willing to meet the BAM heirachy to discuss the issues at hand.