KJ speaks on his absence on social media

He has lost none of it, the charm, the smile, the swagger.

As he glided into the outlet, heads turned to look at Khairy Jamaluddin or KJ as he is often called.

The tall dark and handsome character made time from his busy schedule to catch up a few days ago, more of a chat to catch up on my health condition,

But I could not resist turning a largely private conversation into something I could pen.

So my question was simple and direct.

“ What’s with your beard, long hair and noticeable absence from the social media platforms.”

KJ, in his usual never mincing his words style started:

“ Well now that I am no longer in the government or hold any important public positions, this gives me the opportunity to relax, chill and do things that I wanted to try out.

“ Maybe I want to look like you,” he joked.

“ But seriously read nothing into it, it’s just a phase I suppose, something that I felt like doing and I did”

“ Now as so far as the social media absence is concerned, I found comments and reactions that were not conducive the the current situation in the country,” KJ explained,

“ So I decided to take a break, and over time I do log in and take a peek, hoping things have simmered down.

“ Only two days ago I had a look at the comments and postings sent shivers down my spine, and this in just on general matters.”

KJ said that his self enforced absence gave him time to reflect on the ongoing sin the country.

“ I rather keep my thoughts to myself then let others misconstrue it,” was his curt reply as he bid goodbye , waltzing out with the same stride he initially walked in.