Kumar – We stand by you

Several former officials and players have come out in support of S. Kumar who was implicated in a doping violation at the Asia Cup Hockey tournament in October.

Though ultimate Kumar will need to face the wrath of the law for this alleged doping infringement, he can stand tall knowing that a cross section of Malaysians stand by him and vouch for his innocence.

Kumar who hails from Tampin is known not only for his ability on the pitch but also is a great personality off it.

Having gone through personal tragedies like losing his Father during the 2010 Commonwealth Games and his Son on the eve of the Olympics Qualifiers in Antwerp in 2015, Kumar still commands the confidence of many as illustrated here.

As Malaysians we can only hope and pray that FIH will show compassion to our Hockey master class between the posts.

May the force and God be with you Kumar.

What they said

“ It is beyond my comprehension that something like this could happen to someone who not only always does the right thing but also a God fearing person. His journey in hockey has been one of many personal sacrifices, toil and pain. Hope that he will preserve to see through this phase of his life and come out of it, as he always does in his life and playing career.”

K. Maheswari, former national captain and former MHC Vice President

“ I have known Kumar for the past 18 years and i can vouch 100 per cent that he is a role model of a player with his honesty and hard work that has stood for him for so many years as a national player. I have has the honor to be his coach for the TNB team and many a times he has helped us to win tournaments with his outstanding performance. He is no cheat but achieved success through hard work and dedication that has made him what he is today.”

K. Rajan

Former national player and former national juniors coach, currently Singapore head coach.

“ Having known him personally n having coached kumar, he is a truly a gentleman and I have no doubt that he wouldn’t have taken the supplements intentionally..I believe in him n stand by him..”

A. Arul Selvaraj

Former national coach and current coach of UniKL.

“ I am shocked and believe the entire hockey fraternity is still trying to come to terms with this issue. Kumar is a dedicated, hardworking, disciplined individual and I believe there has to be a reason as to why the substance was found in his body. He is no cheat as he is today what he is through sheer grit and determination coupled with hard work on the pitch. I am confident he will be able to overcome this setback and we should not speculate but let nature take its course.”

Mirnawan Nawawi, former national player and three times Olympian.

“ A player with a high degree of honesty and will always be an innocent player in our books. He has served for 18 years without any issue.

Maninderjit Singh

Former national player and former General Manager of MHF

“Knowing Kumar since his schooling days, this has come as a tremendous shock to me. For those who know him, Kumar’s honesty would be his greatest trait. His dedication, determination and love for the sport has been second to none . A person who has been through so much, my utmost respect and support for him.”


Former national skipper