Learn from the paralympians

God gives every human a life and the almighty is the one that decides in what form we arrive into this world.
But it is up to us to be what we want be, the live the life we want, to achieve what we desire.
The nation has been overjoyed by the exploits of our Paralympic Athletes at Rio over the past few days, the euphoria is magnificent and truly sports Unites better then any politician did or could.
Watching these ” special ” Athletes achieve extraordinary feats got me to sit down and think – why are they so special , why are they able to achieve success, why are they able to overcome the obstacles in life, why are they able to achieve things that a mere mortal like you and me could on envisage in our dreams?
Just look at their determination, their desire, their commitment, their discipline, their motivation. It all boils down to two things – passion and loyalty.
Those two factors are what many of our Hockey and Footballers could learn from these extraordinary Athletes.
What they lacked in physical attributes they made up with sheer grit, their determination to excel, their passion for the sport and their loyalty to the Jalur Genilang.
Able bodied Athletes should look at these special Athletes as a perfect role model to spur them on to achieve greatness for the country we all dearly love.
These Athletes have proven to us that there is no such thing as shortcoming, no such thing as inequality, no such thing as  an obstacle for they overcome all of this through sheer determination, their desire to achieve something in life, to make a change, and that is what matters.
It’s pointless being an able body athlete, with all the talent and ability, with all the skills and creativity but lacking in passion, desire and loyalty.
To those who have turned their backs to the nation or are thinking or doing so, do not betray these special Athletes who have shown all Malaysians what hard work and determination can get them – ultimate success.
Let’s bury the hatchet and unite once again as we did when this country achieved independence in 1957 – let us all unite as one big family under the Jalur Gemilang.
The time has come for us to show our undivided loyalty to the nation Abd look no further then these special Athletes for inspiration and motivation.
Together we can move the world.