Learn to give and take FAM

The failure of the two Pahang players to report for training with the National Under 23 squad to the Asian Games was not surprising.

Matthew Davies and Nor Azam have been given an ultimatum by FAM Deputy President Dato Yusof Mahadi – turn up today or you are deemed not interested.

Now let’s take this one step further.

It is obvious that Pahang FA is peeved with the decision by FAM to continue barring them from AFC competitions , a punishment for opting out last season.

So with Pahang winning the FA Cup, they qualified on merit to play in the AFC competition next year.

But then FAM stuck to their grounds – that as punishment Pahang needs to sit out for two Seasons.

And FAM kept on asking Pahang to appeal while the state refused to do so.

Hence it ended up as a question of whose ego is bigger.

There could have been an easier solution – sit down, have a discussion, resolve issues.

Rules are not carved in stone ( just ask MFL CEO) hence as the saying goes, some give and take is necessary in contentious issues like these.

What is the need to continue punishing Pahang for another season? They qualified on merit by winning the FA Cup and surely that counts for something.

So rightfully FAM President Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin ought to use his three decades of Football administrative skills to overcome this impasse.

There is no doubt that coach Dato Ong Kim Swee needs these players, but so does Pahang FA and the rest of the states as a genius decided that national duty came second.

We would not have been in this situation had the Malaysia Cup not been scheduled , but Who are we to suggest otherwise?

In this case I would have done the same, for as a state body, I need my players to produce results and only with good results I get sponsors to further support my team.

If the national body only wants to play the role of punisher and enforcer, then why blame the states?

As for the two players, we all know that you owe a fury to your employers, and to the Pahang FA, shoe the parent body that you care for the nation.