Learning to cope with MCO. My experiences.

It’s Day 12 of the Movement Control Order imposes by the government.

And there are still 16 more days to endure, at the very least.

For there are already indications that it could well be extended for another 2 weeks before it ends on April 14.

Everyday one reads on social media how many are complaining and out being locked up in the house and how difficult life is.

So I thought I might as well share my experience of being in some sort of MCO for the past 5 years.

On April 21, 2015, I was diagnosed with renal failure, meaning both my kidneys were not functioning to optimum levels, thus requiring dialysis..

My life changed, three times a week, hooked to a machine for four hours each time, meant that it was a change of lifestyle.

The outgoing type of person I was, often watching sports at the respective venues was now no more.

For those who may not know me, I was involved in sports for 37 years of my life in various capacities.

But I had to learn to cope, learn to readjust my life, learn to live without being gainfully employed.

I started a sports blog in 2007 and changed it to a website as yo see here.

Kidneys aside, I also had issues with both my corneas, underwent three cornea replacements that cost around the price of one Proton X70.

But the operations did not help as I am certified partially blind.

So how do I write ? Well I only use a phone and it’s held close to my eyes, hence at times you find spelling errors.

But that’s me, I have a desire, a will and discipline to survive.

So readers, how to cope with this MCO?

Firstly start doing things as normally as you can, not easy as some cannot go to school, work or lepak with friends at manak or nasi lemak stalls.

Devote part of your day to religion, do some bonding with your creator, it helps to calm nerves, overcome uncertainty and above all prevents you from thinking of the unthinkable.

With limited excursions to buy house hold hoods, draw up a list of items that are likely to finish in 2 weeks so they can be replenished when you do go to the supermarket.

And that includes stuff like greens which at most should be go a week at most.

The media is still publishing papers, so get it delivered or sign up for the digital version

Read the paired throughly , even news that was of little interest to you in the past.

Go through updates in the Covid 19 and try to understand the difficulty that the rest of the world is undergoing.

It’s not just about you, but the entire planet is suffering, some in more fire straits then what we Malaysians have to endure.

From the peace and quiet of your office, now you need to share your space with screaming kids, grumpy old folks and the blaring TV or video games.

Take a deep breath, draw up a schedule, kids to study, old folks to do prayers or do things like word search ( which my 88 year old Dad loves)., and the other half in kitchen preparing the meal while you bury yourself in work, so you have you own quality time.

All this will take you past lunch and half a day is gone,

Catch up with the latest news on TV, read the updates in the internet and start reading a book to keep yourself occupied ( I cannot read a book so I use the phone).

Always kept yourself available to watch the 5pm live update by the DG of the Ministry of Health as that’s where you get the truth.

More often then not you get tons of WhatsApp messages from friends, all seemingly experts on Covid 19.

There are just forwarded messages, nothing original from their own thoughts, so best to ignore them completely as this half truths will just make you more jittery and concerned for nothing.

One gets all kinds of messages, from links, voice notes, videos and now even graphs,

Do one simple thing – ignore them please .

Depend only on official versions please as the nation cannot be in a state of panic due to fake news.

Many of you have not undergone curfew so there is panic when you hear of complete lockdown.

If at all a complete lockdown is enforced, it will be for your own good, for your safety and this time unlike the 1969 incident it’s not for violence.

Play a game or two with your family, if you have one.

And if you are like me, whose full time job is trying to convince my 88 year old Dad not to go out , then why not start a blog on your experiences in life.

Start writing as it overcomes boredom, why not share your thoughts with others out there in how your perceive things or life for that matter.

Always remember one thing – we will survive, we just have to, not for our selfish selves but for the person next to us

Each time I go for dialysis , I know that could well be my ladt for I have seen other patients go in the blink of an eyes.

Diving with life and death is a daily routine for me, but it never breaks my spirit.

So all of you out there, it’s you that dictates your own destiny:

Be strong mentally and emotionally, it’s ok to shed a tear or two in desperate times, but do it in the confines of your four walls.

Stay strong my fellow humans. We are all in this together, learn to cope for your destiny is in your own hands,

Stay safe and stay at home, I have for the part 5 years with limited excursions, so you too can do it for this remaining 16 days.

May God look over all of you daily as he does for me.

God bless