Let the ballot box decide

Let the ballot box do its talking.
That is the best way to resolve the impasse that is threatening Malaysian Football of late.
There has been much dirty linen washed in public that now it has even over shadowed the likes of a popular Malay drama.
Day in and day out we read criticism, hard talk, allegations, cronyism, all fundamentals that destroy what we used to call the beautiful game.
It is no longer beautiful on and off the pitch with the media just out to create sensationalism  with regards to everything said, no longer caring the damage it does to the minds of the younger generation.
The bottom line is all the parties concern love the sport, and want to see it improve one way or another.
So work together on what is common, agree on what is common, what is not that we discuss tomorrow.
The common denomination here is that Football needs to be changed in the manner it is being run, administrated, managed, whatever word one chooses to use.
So why be pawns in this game of high stakes.
Take it to the ballot box, as simple as that.
Should those who feel things are not right, initiate a vote of no confidence against the present leadership of FAM.
See a vote at the FAM Congress scheduled for September 15 and let the state affiliates decide what direction they ought to take.
The current Executive Committee  has a mandate until 2018 but with what is transporting, dare we host the FIFA Congress next year with all this mud slinging going on in our country?
Let’s not fool anyone to say this will blow over or a good nights sleep will see sunny skies the next morning as the raging storm blows over.
There is no silver lining now as too much damage is being done to the sport.
We all want the very best for our country, the paths chosen many differ but ultimately the goal is the same.
Too many innocent bystanders are being made collateral damage in this war or the rich and famous, they do not need this as some are personalities that have passion within them,
So let the ballot boxes decide, if one party feels that they have the numbers to u seat the incumbents, so be it then, let the X decide which way Football should go.
Let us not destroy the beautiful game any longer.