Let’s have transparency and good governance in sports

The sports fraternity welcomes the RM10 million allocation from the Ministry of Youth & Sports with open arms.

There were various statements made by those affected, giving the thumbs up for the sports initiative, calling it a perfect boost to help sports.

However rather then giving accolades, let us look at the stark reality that lies ahead.

The National Sports Associations ate weak, so weak that they have now considered to be in an incubator,

The poorly run administration, lack of ideas or innovative abilities have forced them to be servants of the establishment – which is the National Sports Council.

It is not about ability but rather the lack f money.

Finances are totally controlled by the NSC which has moved from its primary objective of assisting NSA’s to taking over their responsibilities.

Not only have they systematically invoked the divide and rule concept in the NSAs but they even managed to do so in the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

Why are we still in the dark ages when it comes to transparency in funding,

Several studies have been conducted – from 2009 till 2018, but the reports merely collect dust in the corridors of NSC.

These recommendations are good, sensible but the one thing that is not acceptable is that it strengthens the NSA’s and calls for transparency and good governance in the dissemination of funding.

We are probably the only country in the world where the civil servants exercise more power then the qualified and experienced sports administrators and technical personal.

Granted that we have had cases of associations abusing the funds.

But a clause to include external auditing should easily eradicate this malaise.

Now talking about accountability and governance, just where is the post mortem report of the 2019 SEA Games in Manila?

The Sham if an exercise was conducted since January but had yet to be madd public. Oh yes blame it in Covid 19.

But we’re you all not paid during this period and worked from home?

There goes the Sports Ministers Bild initiative of digitalisation when the NSC, the numero uno, self proclaimed that it, fails to carry out simple things

When Syed Saddiq first assumed the role of Sports Minister, there was an exercise to reduce the number if staff in Bukit Jalil, a cost cutting exercise as the monster had grown too big.

However only the experts from the Podium Program were removed, draining the country of those with ability and years of experience an opportunity to complete their work.

Let’s have transparency right here then NSC.

Kindly reveal the number of staff that were removed from that exercise and how many actually were from NSC and NSI?

Let us have the figures of how many were hired over the past year and their nationalities?

Tell us just how many were actually those with sports science ability?

And finally will NSC tell us why the sports that consistently deliver medals in multi sports events do not have a systematic funded development program in the likes of NFDP, NRDP, NHDP and JCM?

Just how many medals did this four sports contribute over the past decade in multi sports events compared to Badminton., Squash, Athletics Aquatics and Gymnastics?

Let’s have a public disclosure of these stats and then you can see for yourself that sports was hi I jacked from the NSA’s.

It is the right time for the Sports Minister to ask the right questions.

Or not this will just be another ride on the roller coaster with horror stories only appearing after the train had left the station.