M League: Consult Stakeholders Ghani, not make media statements

Here is something for my fellow Negerian ( read not nigerian) to consider.

Dato Ghani Hassan the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Football League seems to be very fond of making statements.

We understand mankind has a weakness for publicity and when a microphone or a recorder ( these days it’s a mobile phone) gets shoved in front , these top Administrators just cannot stop talking.

Which reminds me, what is the role of the 9 staff of the MFL Media or Corporate Communications if not to Ensure that correct information is fished out.

Ok, this is the issue, some media reported that Ghani lined up options on the resumption date of the M League, even the thought of cancelling the Malaysia Cup.

Now Dato Ghani, these are the correct steps that you ought to undertake before coming out with such statements:

1. The government of Malaysia has declared no sports activities until April 30.

2. Hence any recommencement of the M – League could only be May 1 at the earliest.

3. This is also subject to the Movement Control Order ending March 31 and could be extended.

4. Therefore the league would lose out at least 5 weeks which is something in the region of 10 match days.

Hence what are the options open to Dato Ghani and his team given the following;

1. The AFF Cup starts in November

2. There are three FIFA match days in September, October, November for the AFC/ World Cup Qualifiers.

3. Contracts of players end in November.

So what can MFL consider :

1. Reduce the M League to a one round league instead of home and away this each team plays 11 matches instead of 22 matches.

2. Reduce the Malaysia Cup from 16 teams to 8 teams or maintain at 16 but on a knock out system.

3. To do away with the Malaysia Cup but the financial implications of the title sponsor needs to be considered.

4. To play the FA Cup st one match, instead of home and away in the later stages.

All of these measures need to be discussed internally at MFL and the proposals then sent to the stakeholders, which is the 24 teams in the Super and Premier Leagues.

Give them a 10 day period to go through the proposals and submit which option is best for Malaysian Football.

At the same time engage with your sponsors on how to best project a revived Malaysian league, come out with ideas to make it more appealing to the fans.

Sports has a unique tendency to unite the public and good considerations are often rewarded.

So rather then shoot from the hip, keep the gun in the holster, weigh the options.

And consider the pros and cons before making a decision, no need to rush into pleasing the media who only stories, bad rather then good.

Over to you Ghani, go figure this as I did write about it 2 weeks ago .