M-League: Non compliance by Melaka FA, will Yusof do the right thing?

“Guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari.”

That is an apt description of our footballing situation following the late late press release yesterday by the Football Association of Malaysia.

News that Melaka FA was docked 3 points for non compliance on paying their delayed wages settlement plan was only posted on the FAM Facebook at around 6.46pm.

Hence it was no surprise that the news was not picked up by TV stations and most media outlets this morning.

Anyway to each their own on that as many reasons could be provided, best of all the Covid 19 outbreak, but those who understand the politics of Football will know the real reasons.

So Melaka FA docked 3 points!

Since January itself I had raised doubts on the announcement by FAM that Melaka was on the clear in the January 31 deadline.

Only PDRM got punished and teams were then warned that if matters not resolved by Feb 28, another 6 points will be docked.

So why not 6 points for Melaka? Why another extension till April for them?

Of course they rightfully blamed playing in empty stadiums and the change in state government as a reason for the delay,

But one individual was there all this while – from the time dents were incurred to the settlement plan and now this failure to adhere to the plan.

That individual is Melaka FA Deputy President Dato Wira Yusof Mahali, also the Deputy President of FAM as well as a Board Member of the Malaysian Football League.

Based on convention and the obvious lack of accountability, transparency and good governance, Yusof should now either vacate his position at Melaka FA or at the two national bodies.

He must be responsible for this matter, no two ways about it.

This is clearly

Letting down footballers, and by virtue of his positions at FAM and MFL, he is to look into the safeguarding with regards to the welfare of players.

If he cannot even do so for his own team, own state, then how can he look others in The Eye when another team fails to pay salaries?

Clearly he is in a position of conflict of interest, and his best friend Dato Hamidin Amin, the double President of FAM/MFL must do the right thing.

That is to advise Yusof to give up his state position of step down from FAM/MSL.

Some may argue that it is not entirely Yusof’s fault, but Yusof could do this to send a very important message to the entire football fraternity – that there is still accountability in our football.

It is not a question of punishing him, but making others realise that the adage “ heavy is the head that wears the crown” actually is not a proverb but in reality should he practiced,

Will we see a first in our football?

Nah, I doubt it, fingers will be pointed elsewhere but no one dare take responsibility.

Wonder what the MFL CEO Dato Ghani Hassan’s take on this scenario.

Will he support the call for Yusof to assume responsibility, or will he too provide a cover for his embattled comrade in Irma who incidentally helms the Amateur Football League.

Now then there is an option for you a Yusof, Melaka moves yo AFL so non payment of salaries will never arise.

Let’s wait for the response as cyber troopers will now try to shoot the messenger instead of understanding the message.

“ Ketam suruh anak berjalan betul.”

God help our football…