This has been the subject of discussion in many main stream media as well as selected blogs, mostly running down MAAU for the decision to train at Ranau.

Unlike some self proclaimed experts, I will not discuss the merits or cons with regards to train at Ranau.

What I am more keen to discuss is the usurping of powers of the National Sports Council by the Ministry of Youth & Sports with regards to holding direct discussions with MAAU.

And despite NSC making it clear that they were not supportive of such a plan, the Ministry went ahead and gave the nod to MAAU.

Now why is there a need for the Sports Minister to interfere with regards to the day to day running of the NSC? What difference is there between him and Dato Azalina Othman Said who was at that time accused of running NSC directly? Why is there profound silence on the actions of this Minister?

Coming back to NSC, all I can suggest is that the entire NSC Board and the management resign enbloc so as to tell the Minister that he has no right to make decisions of which he has no expertise.

But in this country where sports personalities cling on to power by whatever means possible, resignations and accountability are just phrases and never practiced.