Malaysia Cup fate sealed, Pahang and Kelantan State Governments Object

The failure of the Football Association of Malaysia to get permission from the Pahang and Kelantan State Government is attributed as to why the Malaysia Cup could not be approved by the National Security Council on Monday.

This was conveyed by the two state governments teamster after MFL appealed to the NSC which is yet to be discussed at NSX and a decision expected soon.

And with that the fate of the 2020 Malaysia Cup is virtually sealed.

It is learnt that the NSC has no choice as the Pahang and Kelantan State Government had not consented to playing host to the seven remaining matches..

And Perlis could not be an option as their floodlights failed the test.

Therefore the matches could not be held in Kuantan, Jengka and Termeloh , Kota Bahru, Kangar as initially planned.

FAM and MFL should have been more forthright in disclosing the actual reasons for the rejection.

So the appeal to the NSC is actually a futile effort and unless there is a drastic intervention by HRH Al Sultan Abdullah our beloved and sports minded King, we might as well kiss goodbye to the oldest tournament fir this year.

And the financial implications will be so great on MFL that they might need to close shop should Telekom Malaysia insist on invoking the penalty clause.

Of course there is Kelantan and Perlis as options but Kelantan recorded cases yesterday.

And there has been no mention of Perlis in all statements except trying to play the Kedah v Penang match there.

Now it’s time to start cracking to plan the 2021 season or 52 staff if MFL could well lose their jobs.

There was some form of intervention to get Pahang to reject the proposal.

And it was related to football politics sadly.