Match Officials Fuming As MFL/FAM owe money for 2019

It’s one failure after another for the Malaysian Football League.

Already in the spotlight for wrong reasons, they are making headlines again.

Some match officials have raised the issue of not having been paid their match, travel and accommodation allowances for some Premier League, FA Cup , Challenge Cup as well as M3 matches.

And the payments they have demanded are not for the 2020 season but for the 2019 season as well.

In a match there are four match officials, one in the centre, two assistants on either side and a fourth official.

With cost cutting measures, often these officials are taken from adjoining states.

On the average the total cost can range from RM1,999 to RM2,000.

In the case of Super League matches, the hind teams not all pay and put forward their claims to MFL for reimbursement.

While the football world is often in the news for the deduction of salaries, this non payment of allowance e is a total embarrassment for both MFL and FAM.

It is FAM that appoints match officials and these officials need to fork out their own money for petrol, food toll and at times hotel when required to stay overnight.

Checks with some officials revealed that this issue has been raised many times but often fell on deaf ears.

And fearing repercussions they often keep quiet until one got fed up and posted his grumble online.

While the economy is bleeding due to this Covid 19 issue, surely those who sit on MFL and FAM positions must feel ashamed that their failure to pay the men in the black is now gone public.

If MFL and FAM are indeed in the red, then how come we never hear of staff not being paid salaries or for that matter Exco or Board members of both organisations.

A red card for both organisations and frankly resignations are in order as this could lead to match fixing by match officials.

We never learn do we, always look after themselves and their cronies.