May 19 decider for elite Athletes

The proposal for athletes gearing for either qualification and those qualified for the Olympics is to be tabled to the Special Ministers Committee on Covid 19 and the National Security Council after Hari Raya.

However there has been a change from the initial plan by Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican on the timing of the submission to allow this elite Athletes to return to training.

Initially slated for a post Hari Raya submission, the proposal will now be discussed next Tuesday ( May 19).

In revealing this latest development, the Minister in a conversation last night said that the purposed Standard Operating Procedure was almost complete and hence the decision to expedite the submission.

“ We have finalised the standard operating procedures and are ready to submit the proposal to NSC next Tuesday, “ revealed Dato Seri Reezal to this website.

“ There will be very stringent procedures to be followed and we hope to convince the Ministry of Health as well as the members of the National Security Council.

“ We also took into consideration the views of the public and sought feedback from those within and outside the sports fraternity.”

The Minister said that should the approval he granted, the training sessions for these Athletes could only commence on June 1.

“ The early approval will give us time to do all the preparations and allow the athletes to take care of personal matters as well,” added Dato Seri Reezal.

He said that three training bases were to be submitted – NSC Complex Bukit Jalil, the National Badminton Academy and Langkawi.

“ We will take this initial step to gauge our ability before we decide to add on to the list of those who can return to training,” added the Kepala Batas MP.

“ What is pertinent to note is that the Conditional Movement Control Order is still in force until June 9 currently.

“ So we must be mindful of the restrictions imposed and adhere to the standard operating procedures such as no contact sport and any tests that the Ministry of Health may deem fit .”

Dato Seri Reezal also added that while getting approval is one huge task, the enforcement at these three venues must be stringent so that no untoward incidents could occur.

“ Things like access to these venues and athletes must be stringent and there can be no compromise in this,” earned the Minister

“ Any breach could result in approval being withdrawn, if its granted in the first place.

“ So let’s wait till Tuesday before I reveal the procedures that will be in place.”


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