MCO rules for sports, why the double standard?

Rather then provide clarity, the announcement by the Senior Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri on the reopening of sorts for three events created more confusion.

Firstly it must be understood in the correct respective what the approval Iis for.

T be precise the Minister mentioned Ned three events – the M League, the Sepak Takraw League and the Malaysian Hockey League.

It was clearly stated that these will be allowed to commence from February 15 under the quarantine based camp or home quarantine system.

What is” home quarantine”?

Literally it means no necessity to be placed in a common accommodation and players plus officials can stay at home.

Hence it brings up the question – what are the standard operating procedures.

But a bigger query now needs to be addressed by the Youth and Sports Ministry – why these three sports and jot others!

Non contact sports like golf, tennis, Table Tennis amongst others are not yet permitted.

Badminton and Futsal are two sports where facility owners are wits end to return yet remained closed.

And word has it that next Monday Badminton will be allowed but only to play singles!

When we speak on facility winners let’s not forget those who rent out courts for tennis, like the private owned clubs.

And what logic is there to allow hockey, football and Takraw when hold which is played over acres of space and poses no social distancing threat is left out.

Now the approval given yesterday was more confusing then ever.

Define again please KBS what is home quarantine?

If it’s a term literally taken from the EPL then will each player and official prior tos match undergo the RTK test or a swab test?

And who will bear the cost of such a test?

However if the condition of quarantine is to be observed then who beats the cost of accommodation and meals.

There was many who opted to do the congratulating rats and pat in the back methods after the “ confiding” approval rather then ask or pose the right questions.

Well I have one, what is the rationale of allowing contacts poets when not more then 2 are allowed to travel in the car!

Or for that matter only 2 can dine together!

Or only 15 in a house for CNY dinner ?

And why not allow swimming pools to reopen instead of just gymnasiums?

Let’s all in DS Reezal’s word S do this buy in correctly and not leave out sports just because they do not have connections