The Badminton World Federation and the organisors of the All England Championships are in a bind and its all has to do with Lee Chong Wei.
The World number one has refused interviews leading up to the championships and it was the focal point of discussions  between some jounalists, BWF media officer and the All England officials.
Even RTM who wanted to interview Chong Wei were not successful as the defending champion did not answer calls. And there was no luck either going through the BAM General Manager Kenny Goh.
In reality though these people have only themselves to blame as Chong Wei is easy to interview, if done the proper way.
The fact of the matter is the All England and BWF need to e more tactful in trying to handle the manner in which approaches are done towards interview requests. Chong Wei is not an easy person to deal with but neither is he evasive nor is he someone who will not talk to the press.
So the hive of activity continues, with some really upset not getting to talk to Chong Wei.
But from the BAM perspective, this is something they need to address and manage properly as BAM has no Media Officer and also no regular content providing to their own website to keep fans updated.