MFL: A new virus set to hit

Are there plans to outsource the marketing arm of the Malaysian Football League?

This was revealed in a series of phone calls to key people in the sports industry.

It seems a grand plan had been put into motion a few months ago and the execution was done largely as a covert operation,

A new company was registered lately to undertake this exercise and although names of those involved do not appear, it is understood that they are heavily involved in this venture.

From marketing to broadcast rights, the “ newco” ( new company) is set to sweep aside all existing big boys in the market, this making them the forefront in deal making.

At present the only other company that has the rights to represent MFL in

Marketing is Ampersand Sports which was responsible to bring in CIMB.

However this little bit fat bird also said that it was a case of conflict of interest and promised more juicy stuff once the deal is finalised,

Already our sports, in particular football is suffering from the Covid 19 Virus.

We sure can do without anymore such virus, especially the ones we can see even with our eyes closed.