MFL forms Independent Referees Board

The Malaysian Football League has taken the bold step to proceed with the setting up of the Independent Referee Board for its competitions.

Prior to this, all appointments of match officials were under the purview of the Football Association of Malaysia.

The MFL had no say whatsoever with regards to the appointment of these match officials and the final of the Malaysia Cup was marred by decisions made by the referee and his linesman that were somewhat questionable, irking many fans nationwide.

In series of tweet, HRHTunku Mahkota Johor, who is Chairman of the MFL Board announced the setting up of IRB.

Quoting his tweets, HRH said the following;

“ Malaysia Football League (MFL) has decided to form an Independent Refereeing Body to raise the standard of officiating. The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) is also on board with the decision to start ahead of the 2019 football season.

“ We will also be sending 25 new referees to Japan to improve the quality of referees. These local referees and foreign referees from Japan, England and other countries will be part of the Independent Refereeing Body.

“ The local and foreign referees will work hand in hand to raise standards. Plans are also in the pipeline to conduct referee courses by former English Premier League referees. “

It is now left to be seen what FAM will do with its Referee Committee and Department

As it stands, FAM only handles matters regarding the Youth, President’s and FAM Cup in terms of competition while MFL handles all other senior competitions

However FAM, till now had total say on the appointment of match officials and it is clear that the step taken by MFL will irk certain quarters in FAM.