MFL Staff a PUI , but business as usual there.

A staff at the Malaysia Football Limited is currently deemed as a person under investigation after her mother with whom she lives with was tested positive.

Though the Chief Executive Officer Dato Ghani wanted fully to shut down the premises with a 14 day work from home other and conduct sanitisation, this was said to be shot down the the MFL President Dato Wira Haji Hamidin.

“ We have told the staff concerned and those in close contact with her to stay away from office till the result of the test conducted on her in released,” was all Dato Wira Hamidin had to say.

The female staff is attached to the Competitions Department of MFL.

The right procedure in cases like this is to order a 3 day shut down and sanitisation to take place place while awaiting the result of the swab test of the staff concerned.

Should it be negative, the said staff ought to be placed on home quarantine for another 11 days.

However if positive, then all staff are to be ordered to undergo a 14 day quarantine

Basically with no competitions running, there is really nothing to do.

And the fact that the FAM office is next door adds to the woes if not monitored.

On top of the an event with KBS is scheduled this Thursday where MFL is based.

On one hand FAM wants fans to go for barges but cannot even handle an infection in their backyard.

What is more shocking is that Youth and Sports Minister is headed to the venue to launch the Harimau Muda even Thursday evening.

Holding a public event during CMCO is strictly prohibited and is the Minister prepared fir the consequences?

This info was given by staff within MFL, worried about their well being.