MHL – lets give not take from match officials

The new season of the Malaysian Hockey League is indeed baffling.

For the first time since its inception in 1987, all technical officials and umpires are being made to contribute RM30 each towards 3 t shirts which will be used as uniforms for the MHL matches,

This sum will be deducted from the claims for transport and match allowances.

Now will the same be applicable to ball pickets who earn a meagre RM10 per match?

This measure is said to be part of a cost cutting effort by the Competitions Unit.

But this does not make sense as overall the cost of running the league has been reduced due to the lack of numbers in participation.

For those who might not know or refuse to acknowledge this, the overall cost of running the league has been reduced due to lack of numbers.

In the 2018 season this was the number of matches played;

30 premier

78 division one

46 women league

This means a grand total of 154 matches were played.

At a cost of RM330 for allowances ( RM65 each for 2 umpires, RM50 each for Reserve Umpire, Technical Officer and 2 Judges) that will work out to RM50, 820.

However for the 2019 season, the number of matches to be played is 98 matches.

At the same rate of RM330 the total cost will be 32,340.

This means a savings of RM18, 480.

There is a further savings in terms of prize money for the Alagendra Cup which is a sum of RM70,000 as from RM100,000 the prize money is now RM30,000.

Agreed the subsidy has been increased, from RM5,000 for women to RM10,000 and RM10,000 to RM15,000 for men, the overall increase is RM65,000 for 13 teams , as the Chinese club side is not entitled.

However there is further savings in prize money of the Division One which has been wiped out all together.

The total prize money for Division One last year was RM115,000 ( including league and presidents cup).

Admittedly the prize money in total for the women’s league has been increased from RM65,000 to RM150,000.

But once again this does not reflect any increase in the number of teams.

There is also grouses from officials with regards to the travelling claims and overnight subsidy,

To be fair, there can not be a monetary value on the sacrifices made by these officials who often spend weekends away from their loved ones.

While sacrificing or giving back to the sport is on thing, but no passion can heal a hole in the pocket.

Hence it’s hoped that those decision makers would look at the overall picture and let’s start with doing away the RM30 for t shirts and in a spirit of new year provide these officials with bags, towels, windbreakers so as to value their contributions.

In New Years spirit of giving and caring.