The Olympics gets under way this Friday in London and those fortunate enough to get on the bandwagon are either packing their suitcases or are already feeling the effects of the bloody English weather.

Having looked at the list of officials going, at times one wonders what these people have really done for sports, besides collecting allowances for sitting on various government appointed bodies.

But putting that aside, the list of one sport has strengthen my conviction that officials really do not care about the athletes, and their focus is on the summer sale.

How could one justify the fact that in this sport, the athletes return a day or two after their event while the official stays for another week!

Why are the athletes been sent back?

Also will the National Sports Council come clean by revealing the list of officials that have gone under the pretext of ” monitoring or statistic plus data collection “?

It will be interesting to see the list if the NSC Director General will release it for it seems it’s more closely guarded then the date of the elections.