Well, I would not want to blow my trumpet by saying I told you so, and that was sometime in September last year, and yes some main stream media people said that I was imagining things. Well Mohd Hafiz Hashim has said it, and he said the same thing to me on the bus in Paris in August, and he carried out what he said. And yes he is not leaving because of Dato Misbun Sidek, for the two stop seeing eye to eye a long time ago.
So will Dato Lee Chong Wei leave or has the Minister weaved his magic wand, by telling BAM that Misbun must have his way, hence something that some Exco members feared, that their president will bow down and allow the Sports Minister to dictate terms.
But more interestingly, two more, or rather three more players will be soon leaving.
And I shall listen to the song Imagine…,.