Miss you Mum

3 years ago on July 7 at 10.04pm I lost my beloved Mum. It was God’s will that she left us on this fateful day. Not a day passes by in my life without thinking of her, the sacrifices she underwent, the pain and despair, the challenges she faced in bringing us up. I am today what I am because of my Mother. The most important lesson I learnt from her was that money is not everything, for one has to live by his/her principles. As a family we struggled in the early Daud but Mum was a strong willed person, always with a smile and never to show her weakness even when the going was tough. As a Son I did what I could for her but even till know I believe I did not do enough. The past 3 years has been tough on my, physically and emotionally. But Mum with you in Heaven I believe you are now happy and await the day you will reunite with me. I have several more tests that God has given me to undergo, the most important being caring for Dad. It is difficult alone as most days I cry myself to sleep, waking up at odd hours, the pain from dialysis on alternate days makes it difficult to pass a night with proper sleep. As I mark your day of passing today, I reflect on the good times I had with you Num for I miss you more then anything in this world. Look after her God please till I come to be with her.