Missing competitions, who cares

A question was posed to me after I had uploaded the story on the Asian Indoor Hockey Tournament.

How is the Malaysian team selected?

What basis was or will be used and since there was no national indoor championships, are there going to be open trials to select the men’s and women’s squads?

And that made me have a look at the hockey calendar that was issued earlier this year.

There could be another calendar but no one I contacted seems to have it.

There is no national championship for Indoor and this is truly a point of concern.

Also missing, though this is now a norm, is the National Under 21 Championships

If the National Indoor Team is in training under coaches Megat Azrafiq Megat Termizi ( Men) and Yahya Atan ( Women), the question is who selected the team and when was Selection done.

One must remember that the indoor teams will receive training allowances since the sport is contested at the Manila SEA Games from 30 November to 10 December.

But there will be no questions from the state affiliates as they are happy with the indoor and under 21 events being left out as including them will mean they will have to form trans and participate and raise funds – that’s hard work for them really.

No one bothered when a unilateral decision was made to reduce teams in the Junior League to just 14.

No one bat an eyelid on the missing Under 21 tournament.

No one bothers if there was no Hockey 5’s in the calendar despite having a special committee for it.

No one is concerned the development program called 1 MAS closed shop a year ago but those running it still on payroll.

No one is honest in organising proper state leagues as they still get the subsidy.

As one former international out it in the correct perspective – who cares.

Let’s remain so sweet and do not care when the awesome spectrum fails to materialise as long as votes in the bag and positions assured.

Welcome to the care less syndrome we have been sucked into.