MJHL : States speak up

The decision by MHC to reduce the number of trans for the Junior Hockey League is not only baffling but has met with resistance from the stakeholders as well as some former players,

Firstly it must be noted that this decision was never discussed in the MHC Competitions Committee as it’s last meeting was held in September last year and the meeting in November was aborted as there was a lack of quorum,

Most state officials contacted over the past week had indicated their shock at such a ruling, saying that it was made without consensus and was being thrusted down to them,

Here is what they have to say and it’s for readers to digest the truth as a certain official had been making misleading statements, not reflective of the decision made at the committee.

And the silence from George Koshy, the man at the centre of the storm is indeed baffling,

A meeting of the Competitions Committee should be called, and the issue resolved amicably,

If there is going to be limitation, for better or worse, smoke notice ought to be given or limited to one team per state, meaning the death of club structure within Hockey,

After all is that not what this decision is headed towards?

Food for thought!

M. Gobinathan

Negeri HA Vice President

Winning a game or losing does not matter.

Don’t forget you are creating a wonderful time, discipline , team work and social skills are developed for these boys. I feel sorry for the young boys and the coaches.

K. Ravi

Selangor HA Secretary

Its indeed very saddening to note that there will only be 14 teams competing in the Malaysia JHL this year.

There are many teams keen to participate at national level but they will be deprived because of this new ruling.

Teams that will not be able to participate are encouraged to participate in their respective state league and the champions will be participation in a national tournament according to MHC.

National body should get feedback from teams that have taken part and states before making a new ruling as we do not want states and teams to complain as how they did for last years Razak cup where we saw N9 withdrew from because of this.

Satish Kumar


Kedah HA

We need not rush into such a decision but get all involved to sit down and look at its merits and demerits. We in Kedah are being deprived of participation and that is downright ridiculous. Are we going to say the same for inter state tournaments and decide to limit teams based on quality on quantity? We are states depend on schools and clubs to promote and develop the game. And let’s not kill this concept by limiting teams.

Maninderjit Singh

Former international and former General Manager Malaysian Hockey

This decision is mortified and unreasonable as it will hinder the growth of Clubs, Schools and youth hockey players. Moreso the spiral effect of allowing other segments such as growth of Umpires & TO/Judges will be affected badly. Reduction from 30 teams to 14 teams would automatically remove a loss of more than 300 players via this decision. MJHL is a platform for youth players to get their exposure and experience and also for local Coaches to unearth talent. This decision will deprived many youth hockey players at State and National level.

I suggest the custodian to read up the history and why this MJHL was initiated and hope they will review this decision as based on my view, it is a “suicide” decision in which will destroy the ecosystem that churns the future stars in players, Umpires & TO/Judges.

Just a question, whether the custodian had a series of dialogue with all interested participating teams & stakeholders about the implications of this decision.

Currently, without 1MAS Development program and non existent Under 21 event, for sure this decision will hinder the Affiliates to promote and develop the sports.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the trouble with the current decision makers. Fixing things that aren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken.

Dato Rahim Mat Arif

Deputy President

Perak HA

Thats better.. Lesser better.

S. Kuhan

Former Malaysian Captain

Not too sure about the specifics, but the junior league was meant to be a platform for the youngsters to perform. The state HA’s must take some responsibility to ensure they’re represented. The only way to improve would be by playing more matches.


Penang State Hockey Association Secretary

The idea of the MJHL is to provide a platform for those budding youngsters to gain exposure. Curtailing their participation is a step backwards. And it should only be introduced gradually and not all of a sudden, without notice.

Shahbuddin Royani

Hon Secretary

Johor Hockey Association

This is grossly unfair and shocking. A decision like this needs to be implemented after consensus. We at Johor used to field Teo teams, one elite and the other for exposure. So at this late notice we are being told we cannot field a second team. And it’s best they look at their organisational abilities. Just look at the way fixtures were drawn up last season. We played a match in Batu Pahat on Friday while Sabah played in Klang. And on Sunday both teams had to be in Kota Kinabalu to play each other. This is what kills the sport, not the number of teams.

V. Rajamanickam

KLHA Secretary

We should scrap the Junior League and have interstate U 19 tournaments which is more effective way to develop and one way to get telented players.I have submited two years ago in the MHC AGM. 1 mas and junior league were the failure to produce the talents to continue to play hockey for senior level state teams in the National Tournaments. If this two realy developed the players why Sukma become the age group tournaments

M. Selvakumar


Perak HA

My opinion is simple. If you think of development, then it is better for more teams as bigger pool of players. If they are thinking of saving money and having a tournament for the sake of having it, then I guess that’s what they want. But I think it’s only a resin to cut cost as lesser teams mean more savings of sponsors money as lesser umpires, Technical Officers used. Why not we just limit to six teams if development is not important?

Wan Roslan

Hockey Coach SSTMI

Not good for the developement hockey..

Zainal Abas

Head of Sports

Education Ministry,

My opinion is that as the organizers you should know how many teams your organizing group will be able to handle.

Have to also look at the scheduling of the matches over the proposed weekends and use of stadium.