MJHL: When KBS, MOE and PM does not matter

It was reported in a national daily quoting a top official of the national Hockey body that they had gotten the permission of the National Sports Council to proceed with the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

Well and good but there seems to be a small problem.

The Sports Minister, the Ministry of Education and the Prime Minister himself have issued statements that all sports activities are to be cancelled or postponed until April 30 for the time being.

Now looking at the hierarchy , can someone clarify if any of these institutions are answerable to the NSC.

It was also reported that not more then 200 spectators are to be allowed into stadiums.

A question – who determined they figure 200 and what kind of preventive tests are to be conducted and by which experts?

The directive by the Ministry of Eduction has filtered down to the schools participating in the MJHL.

Checks with SNK Dato Bentara and SSTMI revealed that they will withdraw from the MJHL should it proceed to be held in this period where activities are barred.

And checks with the Director of Sports Zainal Abas further confirmed that all cross border activities are not permissible.

Hence to even prolong the decision to postpone the MJHL is ludicrous to say the least but stabler things have happened when those who do not know consequences are decision makers.

So let’s look at the scenario – no league until after Hari Raya, which is May 25.

Then there is the Asia Junior Cup in Dhaka from June 4-12, and at this time it’s still on.

Meaning the MJHL starts on around June 15, but then there is Sukma on July 11-19.

So then let’s look at August, but wait a minute, there is the National U16 listed there.

In September is the Azlan Shah Cup plus the Razak Cup.

And from October 3-10 is the Sultan Johor Cup ( but if not aware how ask AHF/FIH)

So the wizards go figure where to door it as understanding hierarchy is vital and making such statements only goes on to show shallowness.

So let’s punish those associated with me as that’s all you can do, well forgetting what was discussed in Bangsar .