That seems to be the direction Malaysian Sports is heading these days as using petitions to get rid of administrators seems to be the “in thing” as far as some are concerned.

Though not agreeing with the notion and saying that it was a democratic process, Olympic Council of Malaysia President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar was left speechless when asked if he would look positively into a petition should one be presented to seek the removal of an OCM elected official.

” I will not go as far as calling it as mob mentality but look at it as a democratic way of seeking redress,” said Imran when asked what his thoughts were about the attempt to remove NSI CEO Dato Dr.Ramlan Abd Aziz by some ISN officials via a petition to Sports Ministry Secretary General.

But having said that Imran was dumbstruck when asked if he would look at it in the same manner should a similar attempt be made to remove an OCM official.

After the formalities of going through the function at the Maxis sponsorship ceremony for the Olympic bound athletes, Imran made time to sit down and discuss matters further.

” Having said that I must clear the air that while it is a democratic process, those aggrieved should have gone through a proper process of highlighting the issues,” conceded Imran.

” I am sure there were options open to them to bring up the grouses in a more transparent process and on the part of the Ministry to ensure that a proper investigation be conducted on the truth of such accusations.

” Thus it will be better if things are discussed internally and resolved and I believe that with various stages and options available, those who felt that Ramlan was not managing things well should have raised the matter in a more professional manner.”

But while Imran went on to clarify his statement, news filtering out from Bukit Jalil was only confirming the mob mentality outlook as a new petition, said to have been initiated by a NSC official this time around, was being circulated to coaches whom were asked to support an allegation that they were not happy with the way things were being tinned in NSI.

” This puts the coaches in a difficult situation as they are dammed if they sign and dammed if they refuse to sign,” was what OCM Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi had to say when asked on his views.

” Why get the coaches involved in something like this. It was only yesterday ( Tuesday ) that Nicol David paid tribute to NSI for having made her what she is.”

And Kok Chi is right as the coaches have several opportunities to raise their concerns had they not been happy.

For there are two levels of joint committees, the Jawatankuasa Pengurusan and Jawatankuasa Kerja where the NSC, NSI and NSA meet and discuss the various programs concerning the athletes.

Note: Some have alleged that I have posted comments in another blog about this issue. Suffice to say that I do not state my opinion anywhere else and do not hide behind anonymous as most of these nameless persons do. My blog is for my opinion and from the onset I have not allowed comments and will not change my stand.