Reports trickling in from London say that the National Sports Council lament the budget for the development of athletes for the 2012 Olympics which was RM20 million over a period of 4 years in the Road to London program.

But before we go there, the Sports Minister had been quoted last week saying that the Road to London program was a failure – and this was said before Pandelela Rinong won the bronze in diving.

Oddly though the Minister opts to keep his seat when he had said that he would resign if Malaysia failed to get gold at the London Olympics.

Talking about resignations and retirements, there must be somewhat a Bermuda Triangle when fluting back from London to Kuala Lumpur.

Firstly Lee Chong Wei opted to change his mind about calling it quits in 2014 and said he will launch another attempt for gold in 2016.

Then came the announcement by MNCF Deputy President Naim Mohammad who claimed that the media in London got it all wrong about his resignation, as he was stepping down as Chairman of a Committee and not relinquishing his position in MNCF.

But the biggest cake goes to BAM President Dato Nadzmi who it is learnt had told the BAM Council he will announce him stepping down after the Olympics but now says there is so much to do for badminton.

For heavens sake you have had 12 years already taking it to new depths, how much lower do you want it to go?

And mind you the BAM Council members will not question this as they were already rewarded with a junket to the Olympics.

Coming back to the NSC, it will be good if it stops saying things that are stale.

Yes it was RM20 million spent for the failure in Athens in 2004, same amount for a repeat performance in terms of medals of 1996 Atlanta.

But why bother with a post mortem as all they need to do is dust off the report of 2004 which showed the problems crystal clear and just get on implementing the recommendations.

And before I forget, congratulations to Ahmad Shapawi Ismail who will take over as the new National Sports Institute CEO from the acting CEO on August 16.