Musical Chairs of OCM

The musical chairs game for the Olympic Council of Malaysia goes on.

And until Election Day, be it May 5 or 12, expect the participants to be the same, but in different positions,

This is due to the fact of a puppet master, one who pulls the strings, or so it seems, as friends and foes are pitted against each other,

Now let’s s recap the scenario once again and see if things have changed.

For the President it’s still Dato Norza Zakaria although the whispers are getting stronger that there would be a challenger though no one wants to reveal who just yet.

From the look of things Norza is President Elect, as of today.

Hence there is not much campaigning or lobbying he needs to do since there is no challenger yet.

Next it becomes a bit of brain teaser.

There are three candidates so far – ISN Board Chairman Dato Azim Zabidi, FAM Secretary General Dato Hamidin Amin and Pesaka Secretary Dato Megat Zulkarnain.

And suddenly there are four as word has it that incumbent VicePresident Dato Nazifuddin Najib will also throw his hat into the fray.

It seems representations have been made by certain parties to Nazifuddin to ditch his idea of challenging for the Hon. Secretary position and instead vie for the Deputy Position.

Now if this is true, then we can expect one or two candidates for the Deputy position to opt out, leaving it a straight fight with Azim.

The question would then be which of the four candidates will be best to work alongside the President Elect Norza?

Therefore it will good if Norza could endorse which candidate he would want to ride shotgun with him.

Now the all important Secretary position.

The deal being cut is for incumbent Dato Low Beng Choo to retain the position unopposed provided she supports a certain candidate for the Deputy Position, a proposition insiders close to her has revealed she had rejected.

Opting to go for broke, it is believed that she is on the preferred candidates list, or so it seems, according to one women official who is said to be vying for a Vice Presidents seat to oust Dato Paduka Mumtaz Jaafar.

Now the emergence of dropping names, alignment to a certain popular candidate, coat tailing, is nothing new in a campaign and this was to be expected.

But the extent this one individual has gone is not only unprecedented but is something unheard of as dropping names and shadowing a candidate in public functions seems so evident that even a blind can see the desperation in such acts.

The battle for Vice Presidents is so big I will not waste my time dwelling over it but suffice to say incumbents Dato Ong and Dato Mumtaz, the two former Athletes in the current Board should be given another term to carry out their responsibilities.

The duo have a proven track record and more ex Athletes, from the Olympics or Asian Games levels ought to be given the chance to serve.

Now that Beng Choo will retain her position, uncontested, as will Norza, it will be good if the duo could cone out with a preferred candidate list so that the lines of voting shall be clear for the affiliates

For those who might not be aware, there are 35 affiliates of OCM with three votes each meaning a total of 105 votes in total.

This means in a direct fight a candidate needs to secure 53 votes to win.

For a three cornered fight it will require around 37 votes to secure a seat.