The former president of the Badminton Association of Malaysia needed only 15 days to start mocking his successor Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel.
Taking a leaf from Tun Mahathir who started hitting out at his successor Tun Abdullah Badawi, who however took a year before starting to voice his displeasure, Nadzmi needed just over two weeks before shifting the blame, or rather blaming his failure on the newly elected Mahaleel.
And mind you Nadzmi had the audacity of making sure he became the Honorary  President of BAM before vacating his position.
Looking at the Bernama story below only goes on to prove the extent some will go to cover their weakness.
And what is more bewildering is the fact that Bernama and a TV Station actually gave prominence to such a statement and suffered amnesia or rather dementia to the root cause of the failure of badminton or rather the Nadzmi led BAM over the past 12 years.
Rexy Mainaky, who was dumped by BAM has the last laugh by taking indonesia to TWO gold medals at the World Champs and Thailand won its first ever gold medal.
As for Malaysia, no thanks to the poor management and running of BAM, we have failed to produce a world champ since the event was inaugurated in 1977.
And what will Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin do about this failure and statement – trust me when I say nothing as his NSC DG will come out with a full plate of excuses ( was tempted to say rendang) so as to provide a longer life shelf for the inept administrators and coaches in BAM.
Read on the statement and feel free to puke at the end, I have heard lame excuses but this guy makes Rajagobal look like o novice in the shift the blame awards:
BAM Need To Find A Successor To Chong Wei Quickly – Nadzmi
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 (Bernama) — The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) need to find a successor to Datuk Lee Chong Wei and not solely depend on the ageing world number one to win titles, former BAM President Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh said.
Mohd Nadzmi said the BAM leadership must open the door for young aspiring and back up shuttlers and expose them to high level competitions to prepare them for the transition.
“Chong Wei is a great player but we need to take his age into consideration. We need a pool of back up players to represent the country in the future,” he said.
He added that the badminton fraternity in the country was still looking for an able replacement for Chong Wei although two young players, Liew Darren and Chong Wei Feng, have emerged as likely successors.
However, the question is how much can we depend on the two young players to fill in the vacuum after Chong Wei as both have yet to prove their capability.
At the recently concluded World Badminton Championships in Guangzhou, China, both Darren Liew and Wei Feng failed to get past the third round.
Meanwhile, Chong Wei who expressed a similar opinion said Darren Liew and Wei Feng need to use the experience gained at the World Badminton Championships to become more competitive in coming tournaments.
“I hope Wei Feng and Darren Liew can perform better in the future and start winning titles,” said Chong Wei who lost in the men’s singles final to Lin Dan of China.
Chong Wei who had won the first game 21-16, lost the second 13-21 before limping out due to cramps at 17-20.