Nazif holds edge but Azim confident

It will be a direct fight for the position of Secretary General of the Olympic Council Malaysia.

Two other candidates, which most suspected were never serious in the first place withdrew today

So Ht leaves incumbent Deputy President Dato Azim Zabidi to cross swords with incumbent Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin.

The campaign has been relatively clean so fr except for the references to the income tax problems faced by Nazif.

Now that is a personal issue, nothing to do with sports.

The question that we all should ask is this – has he committed an offence for which he is convicted and sentenced?

Has he been deemed ineligible to contest the OCM elections?

The answer to both is an emphatic NO.

So why fret over it, let’s move on and cross the bridge when we come to it.

Nazif has always been the reluctant Secretary from the day he challenged Dato Low Beng Choo on May 5, 2018 and won by a mere vote.

But ever since that he has been working hard, learning and improving every inch of the way.

So when he has done well to learn the ropes, why challenge him?

Mind you would anyone contest against him if his father was still the Prime Minister.

Azim is no green horn and personally I know him since 1997 as the BSN Chairman.

A great character a d a dedicated individual who has tremendous passion in anything he does.

Both are my friends and this contest ought to have been avoided

But it’s happening and there can only be one winner.

Azmi’s camp is confident with his side predicting that they will win with 80 votes in the bag.

With 102 votes in total, that’s a bit far fetched and might end up the other way around as Nazif is popular and likeable besides having the support of the four returned unopposed who have campaigned for him since Thursday.

Let’s leave the mother of all contests and let’s ik at the race for the 5 Vice Presidents positions.

A favoured candidates list is said to be making its rounds but who knows the final outcome.

Amongst those on the list are the two from combat sports – Dato Choy from wushu and Dato Nur Azmi from Karate, both of whom are hardworking and should be given a spot.

I know Azmi since 1986 and no one should and doubt her S live for sports as a whole and athletes welfare in particular.

Dato Choy is from Seremban and I do not know him personally but from what I hear he works hard to deliver for hiss sport, a cup of tea at NSCRC after u win perhaps.

Incumbent Dato Mumtaz is well liked by those in the sports fraternity, a pain at times but nonetheless very adorable to athletes and officials.

So there you have three on the favoured list.

What I want to see is the next two being former SRAM President and Stadium CEO Nik Razeen and incumbent Tan Sri Mohd Nor Rahim.

But that means MRU President Dato’ Shahrul Zaman will be our and that is a waste.

Shahrul is someone who has changed rugby for the better with his approach and ought to be in.

So my favourite uncle Tan Sri Mohd Nor could be edged out but his services should and cannot be forgotten.

Nik may sound like a High nosed Irish man but other then an Irish man, the son of a top civil servant during Tun Razak’s time could act as a perfect check and balance to the Executive Board.

He deserves to be in and hopefully some of the 102 delegates will act neutral.

So where does that Lear Dato Megat of Silat?

He is a very busy individual and needs to focus on politics where he is much needed by UMNO.

Oops another incumbent I left out but as I said if one has nothing good to say then just ignore as the date May 30 2015 when this individual destroyed my rive bowl.

A travesty of justice but who cares lah.

Back to Nazif and Azim, you two should compromise before the meeting

Let it be known sports will miss one of you but Nazif holds the edge and should be returned.

So there is it, my wish list and I have no vote

As I lie undergoing dialysis in the morning, please vote with conscience and not be emotional,

All the best, with exception to so sweet.