Nazifuddin : Ready to serve , not be served

It was the first day at office for newly elected Secretary General of the Olympic Council of Malaysia Dato Nazifuddin Najib.

And he was cheerful as he stepped into the OCM , fill of optimism and ready to take the burden upon his broad shoulders to manage the umbrella body for sports.

Cool, confident and unassuming, Nazifuddin offered an olive branch to all in sports.

“ Let’s put the elections battles behind us and close rank,” was his first words when met at OCM.

“ There is no witch hunt, no such thing as favouring anyone as I believe that our family spirit remains intact no matter how bitter things were looked at in the run up to the elections.”

With the OCM Executive Board set to hold its first meeting on May 14,Nazifuddin needs to consult with his president on the “ cabinet portfolios” for the elected members of the Board.

So sparing a few minutes of his busy schedule, Nazifuddin managed to respond to some questions this blog posed to him in the aftermath of the AGM.

Msian Sports :

When did the feeling of elation set in as after results announced you looked calm and composed.

DNN: I was quite calm through out the election. When the results came out all i heard was 48 for LBC and i thought I lost. I couldnt register the win until people started hugging congratulating me. The whole feeling was sureal. But i thank God and all my supporters that gave me the vote and confidence.

MS; It is being said that you will be judged by the time you spend in OCM. Do u think this is unfair?

DNN; individuals work differently and have various work styles. I believe in work most importantly is the results and outcome. You can spend day and night in the office but if efficiently done everything could be completed in hours by working as a team and working smart.

MS; Was there any doubt in your mind at any one time that you could have lost?

DNN; I went into the contest because i believe it was the right thing to do and i could bring change in OCM. Although Tunku Imran told me not to run for Secretary General , I went to the ground for support and most wanted the change. So I went in fairly cofindent and justified what I was doing. In the end they were more surprised than expected.

MS; When is the first board meeting scheduled to be held?

DNN; It should be fairly soon, within 1 week, we are looking at next Monday, May 14.