Going by regulations, as the Football Association of Malaysia claim to be, then there will not be a Malaysia Cup final this weekend.

Rather, defending champions Negeri Sembilan ought to be declared champions as Kelantan would be deemed to have lost the game by default as they do not have the services of an “A” coach on their bench with B. Sathianathan being suspended for six months.
The two assistants that Kelantan have are “B” coaches, hence going strictly by regulations, Kelantan should not have been allowed to play their semi final match against Kedah last Saturday.
One way out is for Kelantan to hire a coach right away, but they must offer the coach a six month contract, as once again we have to abide by the FAM rules which prevent a one month contract. So Tan Sri Musa, be prepared to pay a coach for a day’s work a total of six months salary.
By the way, the head of the FAM Referees Department went on ir, live on RTM 1, last Saturday, prior to the semi finals being played, the names of the match officials picked for the final. Wow, some efficiency, but its a blatant disregard for procedures.