It is with great pleasure and pride that I wish to inform you that I will now be administering the website
This website was developed by Jaap Syuk and he has handed over the site for me to maintain and further develop. And I am grateful and indebted to him for having the faith and confidence in letting me take over the site without any cost involved.
In order to develop the site, I will need to fund it and hopefully there will be sponsors who will back me up. And I hope to merge my blogs into the tie to make it a one stop site for hockey fans.
At a time hockey administrators in my own country lack faith in my ability, it’s good to note that foreigners are willing to hand over years of hard work of their own for me to explore or the benefit of hockey in Malaysia and Asia.
I hope to start updating the site from this Monday and the Sea Cup in Myanmar next week will be provided coverage as I intend to be there, with or without sponsors secured.
On another note please log on to where there are two articles on the Olympic Qualifiers process as well as the next Champions Challenge 1. The articles provide insight on issues raised in the main stream media of late.
Read on and thank you.