NFDP : Coaches not paid and excuses that do not hold water

Following the revelation by a Football website that part time coaches in the National Football Development Program not receiving their allowances since January, a series of phone calls and whatsapp messages was initiated.

And the truth has emerged.

Firstly for some background information.

NFDP is funded by the Federal Government through the National Sports Council.

And it was learnt that money allocated was channeled by the Ministry of Finance to NSC via KBS.

The former Sports Minister Syed Sadiq has on several occasions trumpeted the fact that the allocation was RM45 million as a result of RM30 million from the sugar tax.

So why were the coaches, 6 per centre, totalling 120 centres that were to receive RM500 monthly , totalling RM320,000 per month , resulting in RM1,080.000 not paid?

Is NSC saying that they do not have such an amount in their coffers?

Or is it down to just plain poor administration?

Better still was the allocated money channeled to other activities?

To be fair, a whatsapp message was sent to the coaches by an officer of NSC,

The message reads as follows:

“Berhubung kepada perkara sebagaimana yang di bangkitkan, pihak NFDP dan Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) mengambil tanggungjawab ekoran kelewatan pembayaran elaun jurulatih separuh masa atau sambilan pusat-pusat latihan NFDP bagi tempoh Januari-Mac 2020.

Kelewatan tersebut ekoran dari peralihan tahun di samping pengemaskinian dokumen lantikan bagi tahun 2020. Di samping itu, berlaku perubahan struktur pengurusan program yang pada ketika ini ditempatkan di bawah Bahagian Pembangunan, MSN sedangkan sebelum ini di bawah pengawasan Bahagian Atlet, MSN. Selain dari itu, masalah ancaman Covid-19 dan sekatan yang berlaku sedikit sebanyak menyumbang kepada kelewatan tersebut. Pihak NFDP telah pun memaklumkan kelewatan ini kepada kesemua Ketua Jurulatih Remaja Negeri (KJRN) utk disampaikan terus ke Ketua Jurulatih Pusat (KJP) Dan Jurulatih Sambilan (JSM). Justeru itu, pihak NFDP dan MSN khususnya memberi komitmen akan menyelesaikan pembayaran elaun jurulatih separuh masa atau sambilan ini dalam tempoh masa tujuh (7) hari dari tarikh hari ini. Pihak Majlis mengucapkan terima kasih di atas makluman yang di berikan.”

The excuses provided are a joke of the highest order.

Imagine using the Covid 19 MCO as an excuse!

Care I remind the NSC that the MCO only came into force on March 18!

Next the change of structure where the NFDP comes under a different Division.

Are you guys living on different planets? This excuse is totally unacceptable.

And then the argument of documentation and others like appointment letters, let’s not go that far as that clearly shows the entire system in NSC is not what it is seemed to be.

How is it that under the previous administration of NFDP which was dismantled by the NSC DG and his comrade in arms the Director of Athlete Division in December 2018 able to handle this without issues and that too with a skeleton staff.

As usual no one will assume responsibility for this sordid episode and in all eventuality the new Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican will be given a hogwash of an excuse.

Let me instead put forward this question to the NSC DG.

How would you and your sidekicks feel if your salaries are not paid from March till May since we have a new Minister?

Not logical right? Not when you are paid well and for the past 16 days are supposedly working from home.

DS Reezal needs to hold an inquiry on this matter to restore confidence in the NFDP.

There is no such thing that this matter will not happen again as a statement for it’s a cliche kind of excuse.

First it was the attire of the NFDP teams and now this.

Just how much more can one tolerate please.

And while at it DS Reezal , kindly also check on the deal with a private international school as well for there is something rotten there, especially involving attire .

Frankly an independent inquiry ought to be held on this matter.

The excuses do not hold water and someone needs to be accountable as these are honest coaches who are literally paid peanuts and responsible for unearthing talents for the future.

But will we see another sweeping under the carpet that we are so accustomed to?