NFDP heading to wilderness

Just where is the National Football Development Program headed?

Yet another meeting of the Steering Committee of the NFDP was called off at the eleventh hour.

And this was not the first time as a meeting scheduled on October 27th was postponed.

An online meeting. Scheduled today was also postponed despite notices issued late last week.

And from checks it was revealed that the last time the Steering Committee met was in December 2019chaired by the then Youth and Sports Minister Syed Sadiq.

The current minister SS Reezal Merican assumed office in March last year.

Easily dubbed as the most expensive sports development program in the country, the lack of proper management abd emphasis gives rise to the question just who calls the shots.

Rather then let the Football Association of Malaysia manage it, the National Sports Council has kept a fork grip even on technical matters .

With all finance controlled by BSC, a yearly allocation of RM20 million, the question that needs to be asked is how or where is the allocation spent!

With a year of inactivity as the National was plagued by the Covid 19 pandemic, there were hardly any activities and rightfully a forensic auditing ought to be conducted and presented to the public eye.

One thing was finally sorted out – the provision of attire to the trainees.

A total sum of RM1.2 million was paid out but many other agents in the “ WhatsApp” group had choice words for this arrangement.

The AMD logo sighted in the apparel is hardly noticeable a d has more question marks then answers.

The pride of the nation in terms of a development program that is being sped by many. It was once partially sponsored by Adidas.

The missing Mokhtar Dahari tournament too needs to be revived.

But just shy has the meeting being postponed?

To buy time or to make sure the right questions are not given a platform to be posed.

What started as the answer to football woes in the country in 2016 could well end up as another futile effort with millions spent and nothing achieved.