NFDP, Staff and Budget get TMJ attention 

In his first media conference after the FAM Congress, TMJ outlined for major areas that he was giving priority to in his short term goal after assuming the hot seat.

First was to review the financial situation of FAM in terms of budgeting, secondly the national team, thirdly to improve the quality of referees and the fourth being the reduction of staff in FAM.

While the first three was something that TMJ has been highlighting all this while, the reduction of staff was something that caught those at the press conference with surprise.

Though not confirmed, FAM is said to have 112 staff and around 40 per cent of its expenditure is on staff cost alone.

It is learnt that most of those in the international department will be affected as well as some who are surplus to the set up.

But there are labour laws that need to be adhered too and this could well turn out to be ugly if not done the right way.

Then there is also the compassion and compensation factor, these are lives of many that could be affected as they have defendants and also FAM may not gave the kind of money needed to pay them off in lieu of termination.

While reducing staff was one shock, there were two other statements he made that could well open the pandora box.

One of it was with regards to the NFDP, the brainchild of Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

TMJ said that while he welcomed KJ’s gesture in working together, he also wants the development aspects to be handled by the affiliates, not by NFDP. And towards this TMJ wants the financial aid be channelled through FAM and not by NFDP.

This will surely affect the current administration of the program, which has its own manpower and resources.

Another aspect TMJ ought to think about is the fact that states used to have academies and received financial aid for development in the past. Yet most if not all spent the money on their senior teams in the M League.

Giving more money to states does and will not guarantee the success of the national teams, and that has be a proven factor.

From 2005 onwards till 2014, teams used to receive grants totalling RM250,000 per year yet we won the SEA Games gold medal and the Suzuki Cup.

But what have we to show after doubling the grants each year since 2014 to RM1 million now per year, nothing.

Another aspect that TMJ touched upon was the national team performances and how he will monitor closely the results and deliverables of the team and its coach Mario Gomez.

One issue that TMJ seems to have gone soft on was the future of FMLLP.

He avoided putting it under the guillotine right away, contrary to his earlier disdain on how FMLLP ram Football in the country.

So plenty of talking points after his first session with the media, and yet, more to come after this.

One thing is certain, TMJ will be making the decisions and doing things his way.

And those newly elected either get used to it or prepare to be left behind, even sidelined as in Football.

TMJ has all at his disposal, akin to a conductor of an orchestra, thus watch his arms closely or the music might get garbled out along the way.