No Black

Though many have branded it the Colour of “mourning” due to the state of Football in the country, that will not be a factor is national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee’s decision not to wear black for the first two matches of the AFF Cup that gets underway in Yangon this Sunday.

Rather Kim Swee cited playing under the humid weather as basis for not wearing the newly designed black jerseys for their matches against Cambodia and Vietnam.

” Black absorbs heat and that is the main reason why I will not be opting for that Colours in the afternoon matches,” said Kim Swee.

” That is the only reason and although some have associated other reasons to it, I do not endorse them.”

Kim Swee said that although for the Chinese the Colour black was of bad omen, he was not a believer of such beliefs.

” It is the performance that matters, what happens on the pitch, the result, rather then what one wears,” added Kim Swee.

” It’s good to see the players in great spirits and itching for the tournament to start.

“The players know what is at stake and have promised to put their best foot forward.”