No Chong Wei for Malaysian Masrers?

Many may have overlooked the recent announcement by Dato Lee Chong Wei after winning the Hong Kong Open last weekend.

For the 35 year old made it clear that he intends to take a break until the All England in March next year.

No issues there as he deserves to take a break and be selective in regards to picking tournaments to play in like Tennis axe Roger Federer does so as to pace his body physically with the demands of the sport.

But what is surprising is that Chong WEI will therefore not be playing in the Malaysian Masters scheduled for January.

He last played in the Malaysian Masters in 2016 in Penang where he defeated Iskandar Zulkarnain..

Not having Chong Wei in the tournament hosted by BAM is akin not having the groom turn up for his wedding.

This will surely affect the ticket sales as well as not provide the necessary mileage to the title sponsors of the event.

Which then brings up the question – was BAM aware of this decision when they committed to the sponsor in the first place?

If they were not aware, then has BAM any say on his selection of tournaments he wishes to participate in?

Surely the parent body of sports in this country owe an explanation to the Badminton fans out there who only get to catch their ace player in action on TV and will probably have to wait until June for the Malaysian Open to catch him in action in person.

Then there is the question of Chong Wei not playing in the Asia Team Championships in Kedah as well,

The competition on Feb 6-11 will also serve as the qualifier for the Thomas and Uber Cup in Bangkok, Thailand in May.

Can we risk missing out on a place in the Thomas Cup final rounds as Chong Wei always delivers a point for the country.

Over to you BAM, it’s time you made some clear cut announcements and not keep fans playing the guessing game.